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    Superior Grip

    The tyres are the only contact your vehicle has with the road, so their grip plays an essential role in your safety. Your ability to brake, to turn, or to stay stable at higher speeds all depend on your tyre’s grip.

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    Impeccable Safety

    With a Non Skid Depth (NSD) of over 9mm, ARL Tyres ensures safety especially on wet road conditions and high speed.

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    Long Lasting

    ARL Tyres are designed for long lasting performance and ensures safety in all conditions. Through tyres that needs to be changed less frequently, we are contributing to limit the environmental impact.

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    Stylish Design

    A stylish everyday tyres, the ARL Tyres combines comfort with NSD technology for improved traction. It's an all round performer that will suit your everyday driving needs.

Motorcycle Tyres

With motorcycles, the need for proper tyre performance is paramount. Unlike cars, if one bike wheel loses grip, you don’t have another three wheels to save you.

Ultra Light Truck Tyres

Be it transporting goods or commuting people, urban roads or rural trails, ARL has got the right tyre for your ultra light truck.

Agricultural Tyres

The modern agriculture sector has seen the farmers work faster, carry heavy loads, and harvest better yields. ARL tyres accepts the challenge of the rapidly changing agriculture industry.


5 Signs that indicate you the need to change your tyre.

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7 Things to know before you buy your next tyre.

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June 2019

Actress Nidhi Agarwal Launches 'Jeeto Shaan Se' Contest

Prominent Actress Nidhi Agarwal launched the ARL 'Jeeto Shaan Se Hungama' Contest at The Park, Hyderabad.

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June 2019

Agarwal Rubber takes up Rs 225 crore expansion project

Agarwal Rubber Limited, a manufacturer of automobile tyres and Butyl tubes, has taken up a Rs 225 crore expansion project.

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June 2019

Agarwal Rubber begins work on manufacturing facility at Sadashivpet

Agarwal Rubber, manufacturer of automobile tyres and butyl tubes, has begun work on a new manufacturing facility at Sadashivpet in Telangana.

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